Ici Bistrot is a restaurant chain located in a few cities of France. Each restaurant will have the name of the city, « ici Nantes » for example, « Here is Nantes » in English. The goal is to be a mix of a restaurant and a fast food, where you can eat quality food but at a decent price and within half an hour. It’s the place where you want to eat for your midday break. As the fast food competition is high, the identity had to be significantly unique, bold, and show that this is the bistrot you want to be in.


The minimalistic logotype gives a unique personality to the brand. As the name of each restaurant will be different, it has to be very easy to adapt to each city. The main feature of this logo is the path. It shows speed, and also puts an emphasis on the city name, which gives it an authentic feel.


As a restaurant logo will be placed on many different formats, it will be possible to play with it and adapt the logo to the support and the city it’s in. The logo is built on a grid, so it remains consistent with each iteration. That same grid can be extended to build more illustrative compositions, for t-shirts, murals, or other branded items.