Black Urchin is a chic Caribbean oasis with a classically luxurious twist. Their sought-after and specialized properties are reserved for the design-forward individual who has a deep appreciation for exquisite service, high-end amenities, and breathtaking private ocean views. The brand should reflect the elegantly elevated vacation experience for those seeking respite in the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands.


To best represent Black Urchin's luxurious property, we wanted to keep a minimalistic and typographic approach. The point is to be elegant and not scream Luxury, but just Be. The added Black Urchin Symbol aims to add some mystery to the brand and emphasize the far away oasis you want to discover.

Custom type

To give it a unique character, the wordmark was custom-designed. It takes inspiration from the art deco era with a contemporary touch. The logotype is elevated by the two pairing fonts. One is a sharp and high contrast serif evoking the exquisite quality of Black Urchin, and the other a bold Swiss-style sans serif reminding of the extra edgy feel of the property.


The photographs of Black Urchin focus on the experience, rather than a clear and objective representation. It is meant to be a taste of the premium experience while remaining mysterious and up to discovery. They are therefore mainly artistic: showcasing architectural features, wonderful sceneries, a place where you want to be in.