Recruitment Agency is a leading recruitment company in the Carribbeans, and the most experienced. With the rise of new modern competition on the island, they needed to embrace the digital world. The challenge is the two ways communication: people looking for an employee, and people looking for a job.


While it was not a full rebrand, the visual identity had to evolve and be expanded more than it originally was. Their orange had to remain their main color. As it is very saturated, we had to balance it. We opted for a dark green, which brings a calming and peaceful mood. The Colors are supported with candid photographs, giving the communication a more human feel, crucial for a recruitment company.


We wanted the website to feel both modern and elegant. We tried to find a design that could highlight the functionalities, and focused on keeping the website accessible. To accommodate both types of users, we separated the job seekers experience from the B2B services. As a last polish, we implemented subtle animations, throughout the website, bringing interactivity and a more premium feel to the overall website.